Landowner Relations

Solar power is a booming sector, with new solar power plants being built daily. In all this hustle and bustle, landowners are often taken for granted. Not so at Celtis Energy. We value the relationships we build with landowners and establish regular communication with landowners so they stay informed and know they are listened to throughout the life of the project: in the planning phase, during construction and once the solar power plant is up and running.

Permitting and regulatory compliance

Before actual construction of a solar project can commence, there are numerous regulatory and permitting hurdles that must be passed. Celtis has the know-how and the network to navigate the complex landscape competently and swiftly so that projects are not stuck in “administrative limbo.”

Engineering know-how

It takes experienced professionals to get a solar project all the way across the finish line. The Celtis Energy team has decades of experience navigating the world of solar power. This allows us to see the potential stumbling blocks well before they present a risk and adjust course accordingly.